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Exotic Scuba Diving from Around the World The depths of the ocean are filled with some of the most amazing and...

Water Essentials

Water Essentials

5 Essentials When on the Water

Magellan ToughCase

The first, and probably most important gadget for all the clumsy people out there, is this incredible phone case! This phone protector is waterproof while still allowing ease of access to the touchscreen. It also includes a built in battery to extend the life of your phone so you can rest easy taking photo after photo. What makes this case stand out is it’s built in...

Are You Ruining Your Bath Towels?

Bath towels stand as the most neglected bath accesory in your home. They are easy to toss and once tossed, most people tend to forget they exist until the next use. However, it is important that you take care of your bath towel because they are wet and hold the power to build bacteria and unhealthy microbes.

Here are 5 ways you are abusing your towels unknowingly.

Hanging wet towels together

This is a sin. Trust us, it is. The moisture and debris will trigger the growth of mold, and you don’t want your face to be covered with bacteria...

5 Picnic Etiquettes You Must Know

The holiday season has finally arrived. It’s time to savor the freshly baked cakes and meals, pack and unpack the gifts, and have unlimited fun. Picnics are a great way of celebrating the holiday season. Going outdoors and enjoying a day full of mirth and laughter with the family or friends is never a bad idea.

Did you know that picnicking has its own set of rules? Well, maybe not rules that will bar you from enjoying your day off, but rather guidelines that add to the experience.


Here are...

Editors’ Picks: 5 Beach Towels We Adore

There is something about the beaches that make us go bonkers thinking about the unlimited fun and relaxation. Talking about beaches, we can’t ignore the value of beach towels. In our last post, Hank Patterson talked about how beach towels are different from bath towels and why even those expensive luxury bath towels can’t replace a beach towel. This time we have a list of five of our favorite beach towels handpicked by our editors.

Bleeker Cornflower Blue Towel

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