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Coen towel featured on Silouhette blog

"Memorial Day weekend wasn’t kidding this year when it decided to kick off the summer season. Hello 90 degree heat + sticky humidity. I think I officially missed the first thing about my old place – the pool. I definitely could have used it this weekend. When I finally do get out to the pool, I think I’m feeling vintage pool wear…

1. nostalgic bikini 2. Coen deck towel 3. seaside tote 4. vintage vogue 5. wide brim floppy hat 6. vintage...

Me Design Magazine




The Aloys, Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, and Francis towels are featured in Me Design Magazine.

GQ: Deck Towel Listed in GQ's Best Stuff of the Year 2012


We're honored to be included on GQ's Best Stuff of the Year List. The Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, Enzo, Hugo, and Kees towels are featured.

Best Stuff of the Year 2010

Turns out that working with a bunch of style obsessives and discerning tech-geeks has its perks. We asked, they delivered: From the coolest set of wheels on the market to a flat-screen slimmer than an iPhone, it's everything a man could want. As for the Hawaiian surfer girl—you're welcome

Daily Candy


Our original five towels - Aloys, Boudewijn, Coen, Daan, and Enzo - featured on Daily Candy blog. Thank you to Jordan Blumberg for the post that started it all.

Deck Towel

What: Handmade Italian linens are big enough for a full spread-eagle sprawl. Pick from faded stripes or saturated solids evocative of the lazy summer we plan to have.
Why: It might be Buck (recent Columbia grad who makes them) or the thought of an evening spent...

Sybaritic Monkey


Aloys, Boudewijn, and Coen towels are featured on Sybaritic Monkey blog. Thanks to Justin for highlighting just how versatile a Deck Towel can be.


Deck towels created by Buck Anthony Ellison out of pure linen are THE must have sundry for the beach this summer. Or the boat, or pool, or garden, or cabin, or bed or ...


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