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Hall Ready



Pfips, Enzo, and Coen towels featured on Hall Ready blog. Their post does a nice job of showing how linen towels can be used "off-season" as throws, bedspreads, and tablecloths.

GQ Features Deck Towel in "This Just In" Spotlight


Thank you to Andrew Richdale at GQ for featuring Deck Towel and possibly inventing the most disgusting verb ever - "rankify". A warning to all cotton beach towel owners!

What: Deck Towels

Where: Partners and Spade and DeckTowel.com

The Details: After a day at the beach, your average cotton towel is a sopping rag—one that's probably gonna rankify everything it touches on the way home in your bag. That's why we dig these lightweight...

The Hansen Family

A nice feature of all nine of our towels on The Hansen Family blog. 

We love these oversized deck towels from New York based designer Buck Ellison.
The colors and patterns are simple, pure and elegant at the same time.

A must have for this summer.
Check out their website !

Simple Song


All nine of our towels are featured on SimpleSong blog, with some particularly nice comments! 

Pretty colors, fabrics + textured towels from Deck Towel.  Perfect for summer. Gorgeous! We need these at our lake house ... perfect summer post-swim wrap (and still chic.)


The New York Times Style Guide Praises Deck Towel


Boudewijn and Coen towels featured in the New York Times Sunday Style Section.

Under the Cover of Comfort

BUCK ELLISON’S new line of  linen towels manages to improve on the already perfect concept of sunbathing. Made in India, this chic summer accessory dries quickly, won’t stick to sand and can be thrown in the wash. It also doubles as a handsome sarong, tablecloth or bedspread, said Mr. Ellison, a photographer who, inspired by a 1930s image of Belgian...

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