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Boudewijn and Coen towels featured on Selectism, in a very astute prediction of trends in good ol' St-Trop!

So the trend in St. Tropez these days in to to lug around a big terry cloth towel to the beautiful sands. These days, the linen deck towel is what you rock. Simply wrap the linen towel around your head or waist. You will accessorize yourself instantly. From Deck Towel: “Our towels are light, compact, and sturdy. They don’t hold in sand...

Frolic! Daily Lifestyle Blog: Deck Towel Review


Deck Towel towel featured on Frolic! blog.

Pretty linen towels that could be used for all manner of beach blankets, tablecloths, picnic blankets, and more.

Valet Men's Style Magazine: Deck Towel Review

Thank you to the staff at Valet Magazine for featuring Deck Towel and making founder Buck Ellison sound like such a nerd!

For some young men, the weeks before graduating college is a time for day drinking and stressing over job interviews. But for Buck Anthony Ellison, who just graduated from Columbia University, it was a time to blow off a little steam by making some handsome, oversized linen towels he calls Deck Towels. "I had made myself some for camping trips...

2 or 3 Things I Know


Aloys, Daan, and Coen towels featured on 2 or 3 I Know. Thank you to Marin Academy alum and haiku-master Lee Cerre (possibly tipped off by Alex Edwards?) for the feature that started it all, and for taking the time to meet me for a lovely get-to-know-you dinner afterwards.

i hear i went to
high school with
this kid.

Buck Ellison
keeps linen pure
and simple 

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