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Another Something & Company


Two images from our last look book found their way onto the blog of Another Something and Company.  The Kees and Pfips towels show off their prowess as picnic blankets.

Something I really want this summer are these lovely linen beach towels by Deck Towel. Made in a studio in New York City, using linens sourced from all over the world the towels are light, compact, and sturdy. They don’t hold in sand or odors like cotton, and are both faster- drying...

Big Bang Studio


The versatile Daan towel (beach towel, picnic blanket, chic bedcover) is featured in Big Bang Studio's Holiday Gift Guide. Nolan is a fool to willingly commit himself to a lifetime of vegan pastries, but we're happy to be included nonetheless. 

For: Nolan, your step-brother with great taste, who recently married a vegan pastry chef.
What: A heavenly multi-use Irish linen towel/blanket/throw from the good people at Deck Towel.
Because: It's durable, beautiful, and doesn't lock in dirt and odors like cotton towels, so it's just...

Apples & Onions Spotlights Deck Towel and the Martijn Linen Beach Blanket

The Martijn towel is featured on the Apples & Onions Holiday Gift Guide. Lydia (the wonderfully supportive sister of our founder, Buck Ellison), runs this Los Angeles-based food consultancy. If you haven't read its blog, it comes highly recommended. It's the perfect of marriage of recipe, fashion, and entertaining tips, all presented with biting wit.

Happy Weekend Friends! I’m starting to get into the holiday spirit and have started some of my Christmas shopping! To help you choose unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved...

Vitamin Daily


Sound advice from our Canadian friends at Vitamin Daily - if you can't decide which towel you like best, order two. The Boudewijn and Enzo is a particularly beloved combination.

Lay out with Linen - with some fab finds, one just isn’t enough.

That’s how we feel about this luxurious alternative to terry beach towels—the linen Deck Towel. Lightweight and large, each throw measures nearly 2m by 1.5m and can absorb nearly twenty times its weight in water, plus sand doesn't...

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