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The Daily Meal

Loïc Towel featured as #1 of 7 stylish essentials for Labor Day on The Daily Meal.

Labor Day is the one day out of the year federally allocated for relaxing, and we couldn’t love it more! Whether you’re hosting family for a backyard barbecue, or are planning on keeping it casual with a low- or no-labor Labor Day party, give your holiday weekend plans a little fresh color and flavor with something decorative on the table or that will make kicking back...



Coen towel featured on Silouhette blog

"Memorial Day weekend wasn’t kidding this year when it decided to kick off the summer season. Hello 90 degree heat + sticky humidity. I think I officially missed the first thing about my old place – the pool. I definitely could have used it this weekend. When I finally do get out to the pool, I think I’m feeling vintage pool wear…

1. nostalgic bikini 2. Coen deck towel 3. seaside tote 4. vintage vogue 5. wide brim floppy hat 6. vintage...

California Home & Design




Boudewijn towel featured in California Home and Design Magazine

Beach blankets hardly need be a luxury. With that said, I'd still rather not show up to the beach or park and lay out some tragic old holey thing found at the back of my closet. That's why I'm into these linen deck towels from designer Buck Ellison. They're simple and chic, thin enough to fit in a beach bag, but also can be worn as a makeshift sarong should your bag be stuffed to the...

Product Snob


Thank you to Ashley at Product Snob blog for highlighting Deck Towel's versatility. Indeed, the Boudewijn makes a great linen beach towel, but it's also a great bath towel, bedspread, picnic blanket, throw, tablecloth, and shower curtain.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the beach I need a lot of space for my stuff. My tote bag, my cooler, you know, room for all the stuff a gal takes to the beach. I was thrilled to find this over-sized...

Simple Song


All nine of our towels are featured on SimpleSong blog, with some particularly nice comments! 

Pretty colors, fabrics + textured towels from Deck Towel.  Perfect for summer. Gorgeous! We need these at our lake house ... perfect summer post-swim wrap (and still chic.)


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