Ways to Recycle Old Bathroom Towels

No matter how well you take care of and store your linen or cotton towels, they simply cannot last forever. Of course, this does not mean you shouldn’t treat your towels kindly. It means that some wear and tear is normal and expected. But what should you do when this occurs? Luckily, there are so many ways you can recycle old bathroom towels.


Of course, the first line of defense is to buy quality towels. Linen towels are more durable than cotton towels, which means they are more likely to stay intact for years, even decades. However, in some cases, if the towel is too raggedy, you might have to throw it out. But don’t ring the death knell too soon! If there is a part of the towel that is intact, you can repurpose it. You just have to know how.

Recycle old bathroom towels into cleaning rags

Turning a towel into a cleaning rag is a typical retirement program for old towels, so to speak. Every household needs rags that can be used to clean filthy surfaces. This way, not only are you making use of your old towels after their time has passed, but you are also reducing your reliance on paper towels and disposable cleaning cloths. If you use your old towels instead, you can wash them and thus reduce the amount of unnecessary waste you produce. 


Old washcloths, for example, are great for dusting or washing your car. Even old bath towels can be repurposed as protective material - when you paint or work in the garage, for example.

Turn your old towels into dish towels

Your old linen towels may no longer be as efficient when it comes to soaking up moisture from your body. However, you can consider repurposing an old bath towel or hand towel into a dish towel. Dish towels are typically made from thinner materials. They also do not have to be fluffy at all, which is why your thinning and overly smooth bath towels might find a second lease on life by becoming dishcloths. If the towel is too damaged, simply use it as a rag or wipe for countertops, floors, windows, etc.


Also, if you are recycling an old bath towel, keep in mind you can cut it to get as many pieces as possible. Cutting a single towel that has served its original purpose into several fragments may keep your dishcloth needs covered for quite some time. Just make sure to hem the edges of the material so that the cloth does not fray when you use it.  


Use old bathroom towels as reusable Swiffer Pads

Just as you can repurpose your old bathroom towels into dishcloths, you can also upgrade them into Swiffer Pads. As nifty as they are, Swiffer pads are not very eco-friendly since you have to throw them away after using them only once. On the other hand, you can wash your old bathroom towel many times. So, not only are you recycling your old towels, but you are also reducing your waste production.


The same procedure we have described for the ‘towel to dishcloth conversion’ applies to reusable Swiffer Pads. Make a stack of reusable Swiffer Pads by cutting the towel and sewing the two side seams on it. 

Dog Toys

If you have a dog, you might be able to make a dog toy out of old towels. Cut the towel into several 5-inch strips. Be sure to cut lengthwise to get strips that are long enough. Tie them into as many knots as you can, and voila! Your dog can chew on something other than your shoe!

Use your old bathroom towels to make an organizer

Not sure what to do with the toiletries or towels that keep piling up on your bathroom shelves? You can use an old towel and make a hanging organizer which will help you manage and display your towels, toiletries, makeup, and accessories. 


First, measure the toiletries so that you know how deep the pockets in the organizer should be. With the measurements, you can cut up the towel into rectangles. Of course, do not forget to hem them so that they do not fray. 


Second, take another towel and sew three sides of the rectangles to make a pocket hanging from the towel. Take a string or bow and pull it through two holes to hang the organizer on the back of your closet or bathroom door. Now you can store your toiletries in an organized and accessible manner. 


Although it is very sustainable, this DIY solution does not always provide enough space for storing all of your items that you do not need on a regular basis. Luckily, there are many sustainable ways to keep your items in storage that you can consider. If you are looking for a more flexible yet green storage solution, you can rent a storage unit that adheres to all sustainability measures. That way, those clunky things you don’t really use that often won’t be in your way. 


Make a bathroom mat

For those who like DIY home projects and experimenting, you can make a decent bathroom mat yourself. Just make sure your old towels are not full of holes. Old towels usually get stiff as they age. This makes them perfect for a bathroom mat. 


You need just two hand towels or a single large bath towel. Start by cutting them lengthwise into long strips. Then, take three strips and stitch the ends together. Now you can make a braid out of all the strips you managed to cut. In the end, you need to take the braids and conjoin them into a final spiral. Congratulations! You have managed to recycle old bathroom towels to make a bathroom mat!




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