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Deck Towel Launches Hurricane Relief Effort for Anguilla BVI Anguilla Strong!


Basking Ridge, NJ September 18, 2017 -- Deck Towel creates a special towel to raise funds for hurricane relief on the island of Anguilla.

“We started going to Anguilla in 1990, and the island has become our second home, having visited over 60 times. What keeps us coming back, besides the gorgeous scenery and perfect weather, is the warmth and grace with which the people of Anguilla welcome us, like family, every time. Hurricane Irma has devastated the island, and we are determined to do something to help.” said Gail Patterson, Creative Director at Deck Towel.


Back to basics with classic designs - Here are the three great choices!

Enhance your surroundings with warm tones and beautiful hues to create a luxurious look to your bathroom, and it will reveal your fashion sense at the pool or beach as well! When considering towels, quality is manifested in how absorbent and fast-drying the fabric performs. Light in weight and anti-microbial, linen is considered the wisest choice. While there are a multitude of prints and patterns to choose from, a few classic combinations remain popular. Florals and stripes are examples of these trends. Designs can be altered to create a different aesthetic. For example, navy blue &...

Buy Ultra Soft Linen Beach Towels Online For A Luxurious Experience

Nothing expresses luxury like wrapping yourself in an ultra-smooth linen beach towel surrounded by cool turquoise waters while you are enjoying your vacation. Ideal for relaxing on a hammock or for lounging by the pool while basking in the sun, Deck Towel is the perfect companion.

Deck Towels are the perfect accessory to make a style statement while feeling the coolness and comfort of a linen towel that evokes a feeling of extravagance. Anti-microbial and sand resistant, they are also compact, and they fold as small as your favorite beach read, packing easily in your beach...

Exotic Diving locations

Welcome to the World of Deck Towel; a world of luxury, travel, experience, and passions all mixed with a little bit of wine.

Exotic Scuba Diving from Around the World The depths of the ocean are filled with some of the most amazing and...

Water Essentials

Water Essentials

5 Essentials When on the Water

Magellan ToughCase

The first, and probably most important gadget for all the clumsy people out there, is this incredible phone case! This phone protector is waterproof while still allowing ease of access to the touchscreen. It also includes a built in battery to extend the life of your phone so you can rest easy taking photo after photo. What makes this case stand out is it’s built in...

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