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Aloys, Daan, and Coen towels featured on 2 or 3 I Know. Thank you to Marin Academy alum and haiku-master Lee Cerre (possibly tipped off by Alex Edwards?) for the feature that started it all, and for taking the time to meet me for a lovely get-to-know-you dinner afterwards.

i hear i went to
high school with
this kid.

Buck Ellison
keeps linen pure
and simple 

I'm Revolting

Deck Towel featured on I'm Revolting blog.

Just got a note from Deck Towel about their new linen towels (in extra-fine, middle weight, and heavy), and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. K.C. and I have been obsessing over Turkish towels lately — these are just the right size for the beach, for a tablecloth, for wrapping around your shoulders on a suddenly breezy night. 

Identical Eye


Geddem Culture Digest: Deck Towel Review


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