New Stockist: Know It Nothing





Check out these handsome new images of our favorite shop in Singapore, Know It Nothing.

K.I.N is a project that draws sustenance and inspiration from its historic surroundings, its community and culture, and in turn provides new perceptions and thinking in design and lifestyle. It was realized to reject the notion that design and culture has become all too familiar and generic now. The solution was to use the space as a platform to merge various cultural influences in hope of creating a thought provoking concept. We provide the consumer with clothing and footwear that centres itself upon a more designed approach, instead of simply focusing on specific genres.

K.I.N is located within the historic neighborhood of Kampong Glam. In that respect, keeping the derelict semblance of heritage from the shophouse was important and thus we retained the raw appeal of Haji Lane while adding a refined look to the space.

The store caters to anyone who appreciates art, design, music and culture for what it is, rather than what it is made out to be. K.I.N encourages people to come into the store without any preconceived notions of the products available and to just open their minds to the disorganised organisation on offer. 

We are proud to work the following brands: 

Engineered Garments
Gitman Vintage
Naked & Famous
Shades of Grey
Timo Weiland


A Tail We Could Wag
Deck Towel
London Undercover
Makr Products
Moscot Eyewear
Stone For Gold


Grenson Shoes
Pointer Footwear
PF Flyers

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