New Stockist: General Store



General Store was our very first stockist. Located in San Francisco's Outer Sunset, the shop caters to brave cold-water surfers and their admirers. General Store is a collaborative entity created by Serena Mitnik-Miller (formerly a head buyer at Mollusk) and Mason St. Peter which features carefully curated items from both new and vintage sources. Local artisans and craftspeople contribute to the mix of furniture, clothing, tools, plants, household items, books, jewelry, cards and small electronics, a little bit of everything useful.

Designed with function in mind, Deck Towels do double duty as a light weight, highly absorbent quick to emit compact and hygiene friendly linen alternative to the traditional cotton towel. 

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I’m not a hardcore Sixpence fan per se, but I do enjoy their stuff. I have most of their CD’s, and I do ratehr like Divine Discontent. Ah well. All good things must pass, I suppose. Hopefully we can get a new round of good Christian artists here: things seem ratehr stagnant right now.

Daniel 01 mai 2012

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