Shahir Zag


The Daan towel is all over the blog of the Dubai-based art director Shahir Zag.

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the wet cloth will get hot faster bucseae of the waterabsorbing the heat from the dish. and water could causesteam of the plate is hot enough and steam burns are theworst, not worth it!dry clothes hold in the heat better.

Lakhwinder 17 juin 2012

Renee – Debbie, you continue to amaze me. Not only are these phenemonal photographs in their own right, but you captured both Mischka and Charlie as I see them every day. It looks so effortless and natural, but I can assure you that my own attempts to photograph the cats in many of the same spots has never come close to your images. (Oh, and you remembered the double-vet trip correctly!)

Mohamed 10 juin 2012

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