Amazing US Beach Vacations to Take This Winter!


With winter creeping into our lives, places where we can escape the cold weather and the accompanying winter blues offer us the chance to hold off storing away summer clothes. Luckily, there are many amazing US beach vacations to take this winter if you long to spend a few days soaking up the sun on a sandy beach. Be it a small vacation town in Hawaii or a beach getaway in California, we will give you a few ideas on where you can vacation this winter. 

St. Petersburg, Florida

It comes as no surprise that cities in Florida are among the most loved destinations in the country, regardless of the season. With eternal sunshine beaming for an astonishing 361 days a year, you can lounge on your favorite beach towel in St. Petersburg, even in the winter months. 


Of course, spending your day on the 35-mile long beach is far from being the only activity in this town. What makes St. Petersburg, FL a great location are its fantastic dining, nightlife, and culture. The sheer number of bars and restaurants you bump into every corner means there is never a dull moment here. In fact, there are around 30 local breweries and restaurants where you can reward your palate with unique food and drinks. One example is FarmTable Cucina, established by chef Michael Mina who runs Michelin-starred restaurants. 


Yet, St. Petersburg also has an active cultural life next to unique sunbathing spots. If you are hungry for outstanding art rather than food, you can treat your eyes to some surreally fascinating pieces. The Dali Museum, displaying the largest collection of Salvador Dali outside of Spain, is one venue you can check out.

Laguna Beach, California

Aside from that MTV reality show, Laguna Beach is also famous for being a fantastic spot to spend the winter holidays. As the temperatures do not get lower than 70 degrees, the tourist offers in Laguna Beach have been flourishing for years. 


Hence, here you will find a bunch of high-end restaurants and just as many art galleries. However, there are days when the ocean is not warm enough for swimming. But you can always unwind by shopping in one of the local stores selling distinctly Californian fashion brands. So, be sure to upgrade your style with a few beach accessories for a stylish vacation in Laguna Beach. On the other hand, some people observe taking a vacation as a chance to get away from the seductive traps of city life. In Laguna Beach, you can hike near coastal canyons and can gaze at the ocean for hours. 

South Padre Island, Texas

Not many people know that you can have a tropical experience while you are in Texas. This Texan tropical island has 34 miles of untainted sand and astonishingly blue water. Aside from sunbathing the day away at the beach, you can also go dolphin-watching in the nearby waters. South Padre Island is also famous for having many species of birds, so bird-watching with a guide at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center is another exciting activity you can take up here. 

Palm Beach, Florida

With countless mansions and upscale restaurants, Palm Beach might be the perfect luxury getaway for you this winter. What’s more, its art and cultural scene are highly developed. As a result, this city offers so much more than your typical beach vacation destination. Here, you can travel back in time to the Gilded Age by visiting Whitehall home after relaxing on the breathtakingly beautiful Midtown Beach. 

Oahu, Hawaii (or anywhere else in Hawaii for that matter!)

If you have never been to Hawaii, this winter might be the perfect opportunity to visit the country’s tropical gem. O’ahu island is high on the list of amazing US beach vacations to take this winter since it perfectly captures what Hawaii is all about. 


You can stroll on the famed Waikiki Beach, or better yet, one of the six beaches that make up Waikiki. Here, you can awaken your inquisitive spirit by exploring the inside of the many hidden coves in the area. For eager sightseers, you can go on a hike to the phenomenal Diamond Head State Monument. 


As O’ahu is quite a welcoming, warm place, many people from the mainland have decided to relocate to Honolulu and other Hawaii cities. If you choose to stay here permanently, organizing such a challenging interstate move can be achieved with the help of an experienced moving crew. 

Grand Isle, Louisiana

If destinations such as Hawaii are too remote for you, Grand Isle, Louisiana, is one of the best beach vacation spots on the East Coast. We are happy to inform you that there is no shortage of beaches on this barrier island just off the Gulf Coast. 


If you enjoy hiking and fishing in the sun, Grand Isle is definitely the place to escape the winter blues. In fact, this island is most well-known for the extraordinary variety of fish species - 280 species to be exact! For experiencing Louisiana’s rich history first-hand, you should walk down the Grand Isle’s 400-foot-long pier.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

An hour away from Charleston, Edisto Island is deservedly on the list of amazing US beach vacations to take this winter on the East Coast. Why? If you are looking for a true beach experience, you will be happy to hear this island is home to one of the few untouched beaches in the country. So, instead of hotels, beaches, marshes, and wetlands abound on Edisto Island. Even in the peak winter months, you can participate in exciting water sports and activities such as boating, fishing, or kayaking. 







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