Best Destinations for Winter Sun in the U.S.

Although winter can be fun, not everyone loves this weather and snow. The perfect solution for getting away from the snow and the festivities is to plan a vacation to a destination with the winter sun. Maybe you do like the winter weather but are looking to do something different this year. Either way, destinations for winter sun in the US are countless. Here are a few top destinations to make your winter vacation a dream come true.

Palm Springs, California

A popular vacation choice year after year, Palm Springs in California offers many amenities for locals and tourists. There are many hot springs you can enjoy, large parks you can go for a walk in, and the number of restaurants seems to be endless. This city is a good destination for people who love golf, too. When you come here for a vacation, you will find many golf courses and fellow golf enthusiasts. The weather is nice and sunny throughout the year, so the number of tourists doesn’t go down from one month to the other.

Maui, Hawaii, is one of the best destinations for winter sun

Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At this winter sun destination, you will never be bored during your vacation. You can spend the entire day outside, simply enjoying the beautiful scenery of this island. There are many good hiking trails, and you can hire a tour to guide you through Maui to show you everything this extraordinary island offers. You’ll be able to enjoy the water activities and sports, and maybe even go on a helicopter tour of the island. All in all, Maui is the perfect vacation destination throughout the year.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a good choice all through the year

One of the best and must-see cities in the US, New Orleans is an excellent choice for people looking to catch some sun in the winter. It is safe and, best of all, one of the most walkable cities in the US. That makes this city a fantastic choice not just for a vacation but for relocation too. Experts from, however, suggest doing a lot of research before you choose a moving company to help you relocate.

Furthermore, in New Orleans, you won’t have to be stuck in traffic trying to get to a restaurant you’d like to try. You can walk and use public transportation for everything you may need. Come to New Orleans this winter to experience local culture and enjoy the always-available live music played by local, talented musicians.

Honolulu, Hawaii

With such gorgeous nature, Honolulu is paradise on earth. The Hawaii capital is best known for its volcanoes and amazing beaches. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for winter sun, as it has a great climate all year round. If you love surfing or want to try it, going to Honolulu is perfect. That is a good choice for people who love spending time alone in nature and also for people who love a good nightlife scene. So for your next winter vacation, grab your beach accessories and head straight to Honolulu!

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a must-see vacation hotspot

One of the most famous US cities, Las Vegas, is a fantastic city with an endless amount of entertainment for tourists. Anybody who loves good food and a fun nightlife scene should come here at least once in their life. If you love swimming, you can go to one of the many pools found in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also close to other popular tourist destinations, such as the Zion national park in Utah and the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas offers something for everyone.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you love spending time outdoors in the warm weather, you must come to Phoenix. This famous Arizona city is the go-to destination for campers and hikers. Phoenix is known for having one of the largest parks in the US. Here, you can go shopping, enjoy a beautiful meal in one of the many restaurants, and golf as much as you want. In Phoenix, you will find an impressive botanical garden in Phoenix and a couple of unique, exciting museums. Besides this, there is also a zoo and an aquarium. Phoenix is one of the best destinations for winter sun for families and single people.

Austin, Texas

The art scene alone is worth the visit to Austin. The sunny weather and amenities make this one of the best choices of destinations for winter sun. You will find hotels to stay in that are in all price ranges. In Austin, you can go sightseeing every day during your vacation and still find something new to see. To spend time in nature, you can go on a boat ride in Austin or hike with an organized group.

Miami, Florida

Do you want to escape the snowy weather and go to the beach? Miami should be your destination. This phenomenal tourist destination is warm all year round. You can go swimming on some of the best US beaches or play water sports. Miami is very fun with a good nightlife scene and has a fantastic art district you can visit. Near Miami, there is the Everglades National Park you can go to. Miami is a city that caters to tourists, so there is no chance you’ll be bored here while on vacation.

Savannah, Georgia

In Savannah, you can get the luxurious vacation experience you’ve always wanted. This historic city is a good choice for anyone who loves shopping. You can go for a picnic in the park or walk next to the river. The homemade, local food alone is worth the trip to Savannah. It is known for its locally brewed beer and has many amenities for people who love Halloween. You can have a lot of fun in Savannah with ghost tours and haunted houses.

To conclude

Picking a vacation spot with winter sun in the US isn’t easy, with so many fantastic options. From the beautiful beaches of Hawaii to the fun nightlife scene in New Orleans, the choices seem endless. Choosing one of these vacation destinations for winter sun will make your dream vacation a reality.

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