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Summer might not be just around the corner, but that doesn't mean you can't daydream about beaches. Even better, if you're planning to move to California, the daydreams are going to become a reality. Before you start with the whole preparation, check out these top California beach getaways. You'll get a sudden urge to lay your linen or cotton towel and start soaking the sun up. Just don't get burned; it may spoil the experience.

Before you arrive

Preparing for your relocation is probably not the easiest thing you'll ever do. However, the fact that you'll get to live in the proximity of beautiful beaches will make the whole process easier for sure. When you imagine yourself lying on a beach and enjoying the breeze, it becomes easier all of a sudden.

But, keep in mind that you don't have to go through a rough relocation only to enjoy the end-goal. If you hire the crew from SOS Moving Los Angeles, you'll find out that relocation doesn't necessarily have to be hard. Of course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your move by visiting some (or all) of the beaches we'll mention.

Dana Point

With impressive high bluffs, Dana Point provides secluded covers. It's a beautiful surfing location with great beaches. With many hotels and good resorts, you don't have to worry about where to stay. Capo Beach, aka Capistrano Beach, is a cozy location with a small-town vibe that you should definitely visit.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a dreamy location with cascading hillsides and secluded beaches. You can find amazing coastal parks here. But other than the beauty, the charming small-town feeling makes Laguna Beach a place to visit. The historic arts communities add to the spirit of the beach. On top of all, it's quite easy to get to this beach, as it's located between Los Angeles and San Diego, right along Pacific Coast Highway. If nothing, this makes it worth the visit on your road trip.


With so many beaches, Malibu is a paradise for beach-lovers. The famous Surfrider Beach, featured in movies, is a fantastic spot for surfers. If you love clean beaches, Zuma Beach is the one to visit. Actually, there are so many options.

Although there are many beaches in Malibu, not all of them are easy to find or access. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try to locate some of the hidden beaches in the area. Just make sure to stock up on the supplies because you'll need them. And of course, bring the stylish beach accessories. You're in Malibu, after all.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

With magnificent cave-like rocks and cliffs, El Matador Beach offers truly wonderful landscapes. Watching from rugged cliffs above, you'll find that you have no other option but to take the steep trail to the shore. As this is the only access, it makes the beach even more precious. The unique rock structures make you feel like you're in another world. This is a great beach to enjoy the sunset. If you visit it during the off-season, you might get an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking sunset all by yourself.

Santa Cruz

One of the most relaxing destinations in California is probably Santa Cruz. If your favorite beach towel says you're a laid-back person, then visit Santa Cruz.

Enjoy the slow pace of life with locals, and check out the Twin Lakes State Beach or Pleasure Poing Beach. If you want to enjoy even a quieter atmosphere, take Route 1 to Waddel Beach or Bonny Doon Beach.

Main Beach, Santa Cruz

You've probably seen the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the amusement park in photos. Well, this is where it is. This is where the action happens, all the restaurants, shops, beach volleyball parks, and surfing areas. Take a walk down the scenic boardwalk, and you'll see what this beach is all about.

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Coronado Beach


A couple of minutes away from San Diego, you can find this family-friendly beach. It's an ideal location for whale watching at the beginning of the year. But the wide stretches of sand are also great for a romantic walk or a sunny afternoon with friends. Public facilities are nearby, and parking is free along Ocean Boulevard. These things make the beach convenient, especially for families with children.


Along the eastern side of Cataline Island, you'll find Avalon. While not large in size, the place is rich in fun options. Near the pier, you can find restaurants and stores. But, here, there are beaches that are accessible only by kayak or boat. Crescent Beach is a breathtaking location for lovers of secluded beaches. On the other side, Descanso Beach is excellent for snorkeling or kayaking.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a world-famous spot, and not without reason. On the mention of it, it might bring to mind the 1970's and muscular men, but the beach is actually much more. The long boardwalk is a great spot for watching interesting people, street performers, or just buying souvenirs.

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Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you'll find this magical place. The small village has incredible beaches and impressive views. Hearst Castle is also nearby, so take the opportunity to visit this attraction while you're already here. This village is a great spot for watching the sunset.

While there are hotels here, you can also choose to stay in a camp at the San Simeon Creek Campground. You can walk the rocky shores or hike the trails of San Simeon.

Bodega Bay

If you've watched "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock, then you've seen Bodega Bay, even if you don't know it. Bodega Head is a beach with amazing scenery. Viewing the shore from high bluffs is truly special.

There are quite a few beaches in the area, from Bodega Dunes to Salmon Creek. For this reason, you might want to make Bodega Bay a part of the Sonoma Road trip.

Sunsets are beautiful here.

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Select your favorite California beach getaways

As you can see, there are many top California beach getaways you can consider visiting. Do some further research and select a couple of beaches that seem the most interesting. In an instant, you will have a great road trip planned.

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