Simple Ways to Keep Towels Soft After Air-Drying

Don’t go overboard with the amount of detergent you use

There’s no need for you to use loads of detergent when you are washing your towels. For one thing, that is ruining your towels permanently. You may think that way you will ensure that they are cleaner that way. But no, you will only be soaking your towels in a large amount of something challenging to rinse off. The more detergent you use, the longer the rinsing process should be, which is both uneconomical and detrimental for whatever is in the washing machine. Even if you use half the amount the detergent manufacturer suggests, you will still end up with clean towels. Therefore, opt for that; you will save a lot, including your towel.

Add fabric softener to keep towels soft after air-drying

The easiest way to keep towels soft after air-drying is to add fabric softener. Not only will they be beautifully soft, but they will smell amazing too. If you have an older one that has started to smell a bit bad lately, the softener will make even that towel wonderful to wipe your face with. An assortment of these fabric-softening products comes with many different smells. You can find them in stores almost anywhere.

Soften the water in your home

A big problem with keeping your clothes soft is the water you wash them with. In some countries, the water is so full of minerals that we say it is “hard.” This hard water dries your skin as well as anything you wash. Some systems soften the water in your home, making your clothes both last longer and softer to the touch. Your towels will love it, and so will your hands and face. Apart from that, it has been found that hard water destroys devices that use it. Your washing machine and all your faucets are bound to malfunction sooner if your tap water is too full of minerals. Therefore, consider investing in resolving this issue.

White vinegar has a way of making towels soft

One of the main reasons why towels become rough is the buildup of chemicals on their fibers. You can eliminate this by adding a cup of vinegar to your load in the washing machine every six weeks. First, this is the most natural way to remove dirt and chemicals from your towels. Also, vinegar loosens the fibers of your towels, making them very soft to the touch. The not-so-pleasant smell that comes with it will go away when it is rinsed properly, so don’t worry about that.

Don’t overfill the washing machine

It is understandable to want to wash the most laundry in one go, but that is not recommendable. It will make it hard for the washing machine to rinse everything, especially when it’s all packed together, barely allowing water to move through. The moving and storage experts from have noticed some people insist on relocating part of their stuff wrapped in sheets and large towels as this is an eco-friendlier way to do it. Whether you will do this is entirely up to you but make sure you don’t just stuff those towels and sheets into your washing machine. Fill the machine so there is enough space for the stuff to move around. Only then will you be able to wash things and rinse them properly.

Keep the temperature in the washing machine low

Speaking of washing machines, it is worth mentioning that too high a temperature will destroy your towels much sooner than you may wish it. That is undoubtedly a sure way to kill all microorganisms that might have decided to inhabit your towel, but you will be killing your towel too. And a towel that has been washed at 90° for example, and then air-died resembles more sandpaper than a softy it should be. Suppose you are especially worried about the bacteria and whatnot on your towels. In that case, there are antibacterial products for fabrics that can do the same trick but without ruining the fabric as hot water would.

Avoid drying towels on the radiator

Finally, a sure way to make your towels super rough is to put them on your radiator to dry. There are certainly reasons why it is essential to keep your towels dry. But the radiator will make them highly coarse, and it will be impossible to iron them. You must accept that giving some things time to do their job is necessary. Therefore, allow the ambient air time to properly dry your clothes and towels and save yourself the time you’ll need for ironing. This method of drying your towels on a radiator also shortens their lifespan, so avoid it if you care about your beautiful softies.

Final thoughts

So, for those who prefer a gentle touch from their towels instead of a rough, sandpapery one, these bits of advice to keep towels soft after air-drying can make a difference. And we mustn’t forget that when the towel becomes rough, there’s a good chance it is also getting destroyed. If you care about your towels as much as we do, put just a bit of effort into incorporating some of the abovementioned ideas. The result will be a longer-lasting towel that is beautifully soft when you touch it.

Meta description: Do you like your towels all nice and soft? Do you avoid tumble-drying? Here are some ways to keep towels soft after air-drying.

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