Water Essentials

5 Essentials When on the Water

Magellan ToughCase

The first, and probably most important gadget for all the clumsy people out there, is this incredible phone case! This phone protector is waterproof while still allowing ease of access to the touchscreen. It also includes a built in battery to extend the life of your phone so you can rest easy taking photo after photo. What makes this case stand out is it’s built in technology which assists your phone’s GPS capabilities which, as any sailor knows, is extremely important on the water. This is a must for anyone planning a weekend on the water.

Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter

Another great accessory for your smart phone is the Vaavud Sleipnir Wind Meter. This is especially useful for yachting fans out there. This high-tech device measures wind speed and direction with amazing accuracy. It is also light and durable, so easy to take with you on any expedition.

Astra esa smartwatch

This smartwatch is the first of its kind, specifically designed for sailing! The Astra Esa connects to your onboard instruments via Wi-Fi giving the wearer real time data directly to their wrist. On top of all of its amazing sailing features, the watch also offers all standard smartwatch abilities such as receiving calls, emails, and text messages.

Fizzics portable beer tap

It is pretty self-explanatory of why this incredible machine made it on the list. Drink beer the way it was meant to be enjoyed! The Fizzics beer tap gives you the ability to get the fresh tap-poured taste miles away from the closest bar.

Alfons Striped Beach Towel

Now that you have all these other amazing accessories, it’s time to lay out and enjoy the feel of the sun on your face, and soft linen on your back. This fashionable towel is woven out of natural flax fibers, giving it exfoliating features to benefit your skin. It is also stain and odor resistant, making it perfect for keep the beach where it belongs and not in your home.

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