Buy a Beach Towel for Your Beach Vacation


Prepare for your days in the sun with the right beach towel, a light-weight and decorative blanket that will be there when you need it. For a day at the beach, you'll need beach towels, tote bag, sunshades, swimsuit, snacks, and a good book. Deck Towel, maker of decorative linen beach towels and tote bags, can stock up your beach gear with a decoartive beach towel:
Beach Stuff, Beach Blankets, Linen Towels from Deck Towel
  • Fits two picnickers, twice the size of a normal beach towel. A family of three and supplies can stay off the sand. 
  • 100% linen, better than cotton. Very stain resistant and dries fast. Wrap it around your shoulders to protect against the sun or warm you after an evening dip. 
  • Folds up to the size of a newspaper.
  • Decorative and luxurious. We have over two dozen designs to choose from.

A beach towel is always in stock through our online store. Look through the product catalogue now to find the beach towel and blanket for you.

Deck Towel also sells beach blankets and towels through our stockists, who are located around the world. Our beach blankets have received great reviews from established press such as GQ, Marie Clarie, and The New York Times:

  • "Sewn from durable, colorful fabric that could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz." GQ

Buy your outdoor picnic blanket from Deck Towel and have it shipped anywhere in the world for only $22.

A Linen Beach Towel: better than Cotton 

Deck Towel offers a beach towel with many more benefits than a normal cotton blanket or towel. Fold up your linen towel into the size of a newspaper, stuff it in your tote bag, and unfold it for the picnic. It can even fit inside the picnic basket next to your snacks and light wine. The linen fabric repels sand, absorbs water to act as a towel if you need it, and dries really fast. It also holds in heat if you want to wrap yourself up for a breezy evening on the beach, or protect yourself from the sun during the day and feel the cool breeze through the linen fabric. You can throw it in your bicycle's basket or ride with it in a tote bag on the subway to your favorite city beach. 

More Beach Gear and Stuff: Supplies that Last

A beach towel and tote bag are the bare essentials for a comfortable stay on the beach. Deck Towel's linen towels are made with the beach in mind: our 100% linen material is very durable and a stylish fabric. Two of our most popular outdoor beach towels are the Boudewijn, striped in salmon, lemon, mint, pink, cornflower, and chocolate, and the Alloys, Forest, red, cornflower, bone, and tan, are pretty enough to use as throws to decorate your beach or vacation home.