As linen towels are our love, we've dreamed them up in some unusual circumstances. They aren't just for drying off anymore. 

A Cold Night Made Warm With Your Towel

Find yourself on a beach trip that's turned chilly? You can use our large beach towels to create sleeping bag liners by simply folding the towels in half and laying them inside the sleeping bag. The liners keep you warm and dry when you sleep. Snuggle up to an impromptu night at the beach and a dip in the ocean knowing you'll feel cozy in a warmed wrap back on the sand.

A Cleaner Way to Camp

If you had gone camping, you may be dying from the smell of sweat and mildew stuck to your daily clothing, but not the linen so much: since linen is naturally antimicrobial, they're quality and smell would turn much slower than your other fabrics brought out camping. When the linen does finally get dirty, you can wash them by hand in a creek and lay them on a branch in the sun to dry while you read from your paperback or count minnows. A peaceful moment in solitude concluded with a towel dried.

Repairing an Unpleasant Shower

After slipping on soap in your shower and ripping your shower curtain in half, you may be stumped for a way to keep the water from spraying your bathroom.

Fear not: that linen towel is good not just for drying your body but laying over your shower curtain rod. Since our Deck Towels are large, they'll cover a good portion of the shower spray area. Dry the towel on your porch after your shower and sip a midday cocktail while you're at it. Note well: the intrepid do-it-yourselfer in you can safety pin a long pocket into the towel by folding over the selvage to lace the towel around the shower rod, keeping it in place for a longer-term set up.

Sewing Towels Gone Wild

Since linen is a durable fabric, repurposing is not out of the question for the brave of heart. Sewn into a pillowcase, chair cover, handbag, apron, skirt, or sachet for storage brings an old towel into a new life--if you know what you're doing.

Frankly, we would be surprised to discover anyone fashioning a Deck Towel for an alternate use, like a pirate ship mast, but crazier things have happened in this world, and we are always on the lookout for classic creativity. Send us your alterations to Deck Towels and we'll add them to the blog!