Not only is our linen impeccable, but its practical advantages are unmatched: it repels sand, stains and odors, and only gets softer with wear. Thinner than common terry cloth towels, linen towels absorb twenty times their weight in water and dry efficiently, allowing for a quick body-dry and immediate reuse.  With durability, high absorbency and a decorative appeal, their multiple uses takes them from being towels to table cloths, throws, picnic blankets, or even shower curtains. Use your imagination. We do. Check out our towel store.

Linen Towels versus Terry Cloth Towels

Terry cloth towels are heavy, hold sand and dirt, and are prone to mold, while linen towels are compact, remain stain and sand-free, and dry much more quickly because of the fine material they are made from.  Common terry cloth towels are towels and towels only, but Deck Towels transform themselves into a variety of unconventional uses.  In addition, linen towels are twice the size of regular beach towels, the perfect space for two to cuddle up on the beach or for a family to picnic grass stain-free in the park. 

Employ Our Linen Towels However You Wish To

Decorating one's home or outdoor activities with our linens will bring a colorful calm with light pastel shades and simple designs to any occasion or space. Our towels are sewn with a raw selvage, which is both handsome and allows for easy folding. 

Deck Towel's Linen Sets Our Towels Apart

Deck Towel specializes in fabricating luxury linens for beach and bathroom towels.  Made from the highest quality linens acquired from England, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic, our linen towels are durable, highly absorbent, and can be folded for carrying in even the smallest beach bag. We ensure that the material we use is of the finest and most luxurious quality found in Europe and all of our towels consist of 100% linen. 

We offer a sixty-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. We hope you enjoy your perusal through these luxury-crafted linens and choose one or two that suits your style.