Boudewijn and Coen towels featured on Selectism, in a very astute prediction of trends in good ol' St-Trop!

So the trend in St. Tropez these days in to to lug around a big terry cloth towel to the beautiful sands. These days, the linen deck towel is what you rock. Simply wrap the linen towel around your head or waist. You will accessorize yourself instantly. From Deck Towel: “Our towels are light, compact, and sturdy. They don’t hold in sand or odors like cotton, and are both faster-drying and more absorbent. ” Choose from a variety of colors. Expect to drop about 100$US for one.


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Sweet jesus lovely Bella!!! This is an ienrcdible outfit – a traffic stopper!! I think there are some people out there with whiplash from doing a triple-take and walking into solid objects as the sight of you in this damn fine ensemble. Everything is fab, baby. Just fab!! xoxoxoxo

Marlina aprile 20, 2012

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