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Sound advice from our Canadian friends at Vitamin Daily - if you can't decide which towel you like best, order two. The Boudewijn and Enzo is a particularly beloved combination.

Lay out with Linen - with some fab finds, one just isn’t enough.

That’s how we feel about this luxurious alternative to terry beach towels—the linen Deck Towel. Lightweight and large, each throw measures nearly 2m by 1.5m and can absorb nearly twenty times its weight in water, plus sand doesn't stick. Putting practicalities aside, the main draw is the incredible fabric. Fall in love with the bright hues of ico, the bold stipes of boudewijn, or the more subtle shades of enzo

If, like us, you can’t decide, order two. Keep one for the beach and picnics, and another for your bedspread or kitchen table, as an off-registry wedding gift or just wrapping up with your man on a chilly night of gazing at the stars.

 At or order by phone from Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, 778-327-9376.


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