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It's not every day that a lowly towel gets to join the company of a Kylie Minogue beach ball. Only the Francis towel should be so lucky! Don't miss this give away on HardCandy blog.


Even though it’s freezing here in NYC, we’re super eager for the Summer season! We want you to know it’s very important to us that you enjoy your beach time!

A Hard Candy friend has created the perfect beach accessory, the Deck Towel. It’s soft, comes in a wide array of beautiful colors (Francis is pictured above) and best of all…it’s huge!  We’re also throwing in a complimentary Kylie Minogue Aphrodite beach ball! Are you ready to hit the sands?

Our dedicated readers totally know the drill! To our new readers (welcome!) head on over to our Facebook ‘like’ us, and leave your favorite music video or photo that get’s you excited for the beach!

That’s it! Good luck out there on the sea!  Don’t forget to follow @decktowel on Twitter!

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