Did You Know? Linen Fact Number 3: The Dense Molecular Make-Up of Linen Resists Bacteria


Linen is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, naturally!

Few chemicals are involved in the production of linen, so it's a particularly good fabric for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Using a Deck Towel to dry helps avoid allergic reactions that can occur with other fabrics, especially synthetics.

The dense molecular make up the linen fiber resists not only stains and dirt, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is one of the world's "purest" fabrics. Hospitals have long used linen to prevent infections; indeed, linen thread is the only suture approved for internal use in the human body!


I must admit that using a fresh towel everyday is one of the few leuurixs’ I indulge in mostly because I’m afraid that if I use a towel that my husband has used, I’ll end up drying my face with towel that has been in his nether-regions (clean or not, the thought grosses me out!)He used to leave his clothes EVERYWHERE before we struck a bargain.. I give him a few minutes of backscratch for every day he keeps his clothes up. It seems childish to have to resort to a bribe, but it’s totally worth it! ( and backscratch is the currency of our house )

Johnny maggio 11, 2012

Review by Trey Harris for Rating: This is the second aaiomuttc hopper-type burr grinder that I’ve owned. The first was the similarly-priced Capresso 551.01, which died after a couple years of use. I don’t know what the lifespan of this Cuisinart grinder will be yet, but so far I’m extremely impressed with the comparison between the two. Start with the weight, at nearly 4 pounds it simply feels more substantial. (The Capresso is a comparatively diminutive 2 lb. 9 oz.) The casing is an attractive stainless steel (which may just be a veneer over plastic, but it certainly looks nicer than the Capresso’s black plastic) and the hopper and grind chamber are of thick, good-quality acrylic.The Capresso had to be emptied before changing the grind coarseness, and had a small, finger-bruising wheel with which to adjust it, but the Cuisinart’s entire hopper turns freely to adjust the grind, filled or not. I’m also very pleased to find that the Cuisinart doesn’t dust the countertop with a sprinkling of coffee after use, as the Capresso did. The motor isn’t whisper-quiet by any stretch, but it’s not as noisy as many home grinders.There are only two disadvantages of this grinder, in my opinion. First, the timer can only be adjusted in two-cup increments (minimum of 4 cups). It does this with a satisfying click, but still, I’d like to nudge the slider a bit for a weaker morning brew or a stronger nighttime one. Second, the hopper contains almost four cups’ worth of coffee below the visible area, inside the machine. That, combined with the grinder’s heftier weight, makes it a chore to empty it if you want to change coffees (say, if a guest requests decaf). Not only do you have to turn this brute upside-down, but you also have to turn it every which way so that all the coffee inside the machine works its way out.But these are minor quibbles. Overall, this is an excellent machine.

Anastasiya maggio 01, 2012

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