Space Saving Tips on Folding and Storing Your Towels

It's towels season! Summer is already very much here, which means a lot of showering and towels. It's not always easy managing all those towels in a space as small as a bathroom. But, with a little help, it might be a bit easier. Here are some space-saving ideas for folding your towels you might need during these hot days.


Fold your towels like five-star hotels


You will want to pay attention to this folding method if the beauty of your linen closet is really important to you. We all want the neatly wrapped towels that are kept on shelves in the bathrooms of five-star hotels, right? If that's the case, simply put your towel down on the ground in a horizontal position. Then, fold one end of the towel towards the center to make a hypotenuse. After that, fold the top of the towel down so that the whole towel is folded in half to make a rectangular shape. To begin rolling the towel toward the end with the folded tip, you must first turn the towel over. To complete the look, just tuck the tip inside the towel. And voilà - you have a roll worthy of a five-star hotel.


Roll and put them in the basket


Rolling your towels is the best way to keep them looking neat and organized. It will also allow you to fit more of them into the baskets you use to store them in your closet, cabinet, or directly in your bathroom.

Spread your towel flat on the table (a table or counter will do). You should then fold the towel into a trifold along its length. At this point, fold the towel in half along its length. After that, beginning at the end that was folded, roll the towel into a tube form. Last but not least, store your completed work in a drawer or basket made of fabric. If you want to fully enjoy a DIY spa day at home, tie a ribbon around them so that they don't unroll.


Pocket folding


If saving space in the bathroom is the goal, use this pocket fold technique:


  • Place a towel on the table's surface horizontally.
  • Fold one end of the towel under itself so it may be used as a "pocket" later. After that, fold the towel in half vertically to create three equal parts. Roll the towel up tightly until it reaches the hem.
  • Tuck it into the pocket that is located at the bottom.


After doing so, you will have a securely compressed roll that may then be stacked into a basket or packed into a shelf. It may seem scary at first, but after you get the hang of the folding procedure, it will become entirely natural.


It's a good method for packing


This folding method is the one that will make your towels significantly smaller. Therefore, it's one of the better ideas for folding your towels. It will save space, especially if you need to pack. Professional movers often recommend it as a creative packing tip before moving. Space-saving is crucial when preparing to move, and 'pocket' folding your towels can help you with that.


Hang your towels gracefully


Hung-up towels also need some maintenance and care. Many people have a habit of hanging towels haphazardly and neglecting them. But, with this new method, you can tie them in more space-saving and aesthetically pleasing knots. To hang your towel over the rod, you must pinch one of the towel's corners and then drape it over the rod. Take that corner piece and, as you would with a tie, wrap it around the towel so that it is hanging. After that, all you need to do is tuck the corner into the knot. People with numerous towels hanging from a rack and who sometimes have trouble fitting all of them will benefit significantly from this brilliant yet simple solution.


The hand towel and what to do with it


Hand towels provide a practical purpose. But, in addition to that, they may be ornamental. Changing the hand towels and racks in a bathroom and choosing new designs or patterns may dramatically shift the room's overall appeal and save you some space. Yes, you may get away with just hanging them on a rack next to the sink and calling it a day. But, you can also give them a more put-together look.


Simply tuck the ornamental fringe at the top of the towel beneath itself, and then continue to fold the hand towel vertically into thirds. Because of the way the towel is folded at the top, this results in the creation of a "flap." After that, fold the upper half of the towel over the lower half, exposing the fringe. And finally, fold the bottom half of the towel into the center of the towel again.


Is it more convenient to roll or to fold?


To conserve room while storing towels and washcloths, many hotels and resorts have made a habit of rolling them tightly into tubes rather than folding them flat. This space-saving method has been in use for many years, and maybe you discovered it too. Towels that have been folded take up far more room than towels that have been rolled up. Also, keep in mind that rolled towels may be stored in a drawer or basket out of the way rather than taking up a whole shelf in the linen closet.


Try out these space-saving ideas for folding your towels

However, which technique will be better depends on your space and habits. If you want to know for sure, it's best to try all of these space-saving ideas for folding your towels and see for yourself. That way, you'll see what works for you first-hand, and you'll be able to fold your towels easily in the future.


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