The Only #TenYearChallenge That Matters

A little over a week ago, social media became flooded with the #HowHardDidAgingHitYou meme, which later evolved into the #TenYearChallenge. Essentially, people used this “challenge” to post about their “glow-ups”, how fabulous they still look, or to grieve over their lost youth. As time went on, the seemingly innocent opportunity to focus on one’s appearance began to shift. The narrative switched its focus to climate change and its increasingly negative impact on planet Earth. Instead of social media users asking “Where did the time go?” or making statements such as “Oh to be young and beautiful!” The statements matured to “You know what else has changed a lot in ten years? The extremity of natural disasters, polar ice caps, as well as our native plant and animal life.”

If you look up the #TenYearChallenge now, you will see less selfies and more comparative images of nature or animal life in 2009 to present day. Photos of starving polar bears versus healthy polar bears from 2009 for example, have gone viral. Other images consist of shrinking glaciers in U.S. national parks, increased air pollution in cities, and so on. This “challenge” is no longer about “glow ups.” Instead, it is about getting the dialogue of climate change out in the open, and to as many users as possible. Could a social media challenge be the key vehicle to getting more people to care about the environment? If that is what it takes, then Deck Towel is all for it!

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