The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Towel

The following text will help you navigate the soft world of towels successfully. Some very smart people have devised many different types of towels, each for a specific purpose. Here’s the ultimate guide that will make you a towel expert.    

Hand towels–the most frequently used of all

Being the most frequently used towels in the house, hand towels deserve to be the first ones described here. Although they come in various colors and patterns, the most popular hand towels have been monochromatic in recent decades. Because the skin on our hands is constantly exposed to the environment and we wash it multiple times a day, the hand towel must be very soft. High-quality soft cotton is the best material for these towels as it softly absorbs water from hands after exposure to often harsh or drying soaps.

Face towels–the most frequently replaced ones

This type of towel is usually smaller than those meant for hands. Even though we use face towels a bit less frequently than the previous ones, we should replace them more often. The reason for that is that the skin on the face is prone to acne or irritation much more than the skin on the hands. A towel can become a home of various types of bacteria that is usually harmless but can worsen the sensitive skin's condition. People with ultra-sensitive skin tend to buy only white face towels because they do not contain any coloring molecules that can act as irritants.

Bath towels–the biggest of all different types of towels

The towels we use after bathing are much bigger than the others. They are the biggest of all towels out there. According to relocation experts from, people use extra large bath towels when they want to make an eco-friendly move. They put their stuff in these towels instead of using the usual packing supplies and create much less waste that way. As for their softness, some like them super soft, while others prefer a bit of harshness. It comes down to personal taste.

Foot towels, AKA bath mats

We can also call these lifesavers because they effectively prevent people from slipping and falling after a bath. Foot towels differ a lot as they are also a bathroom accessory and have an esthetic function too. The stores offer these in various colors, shapes, and fabrics, fit for every taste and every foot.

Beach towels are part of your outfit and reflect your personality

Even the thought of a beach towel makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Unless you live near the beach, these are not the towels you use often. Nevertheless, paying attention to quality when buying a beach towel is essential for two reasons. Firstly, you will not be buying one too often, so you should get a good one when you do that would last multiple seasons. Secondly, at the beach, these towels are part of your outfit. They reflect your personality, so choose wisely.

Washcloths are the most versatile when it comes to their purpose

Even though it is technically a towel, a washcloth serves as a kitchen cloth. It is small and highly absorbing, so it is perfect for quickly taking care of water spills. Our hands are often wet in the kitchen, which is a problem when the phone starts ringing. That's where the washcloth comes in. It is not uncommon to use a washcloth as a face towel or a loofah in the shower. Their size makes them super handy for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. So due to their versatile nature, we can say that washcloths are the most multipurpose kind of towels out there.

Hair towels can be quite imaginative when it comes to shape

The size of hair towels is somewhere between the hand and bath towels. What is interesting about these is that they can vary in shape. Some hair towels are designed as a hat with a little elastic hook on top. You just need to put this towel on as a hat, wrap your hair in the hanging part of it, twist it into a bun, and put the end through the hook to secure it. These are useful because they do not take up much space. Women who dye their hair prefer to use darker hair towels, which makes the hair color stains less visible.

Gym towels–sweat-absorbing and stylish

Same as with beach towels, gym towels are part of your outfit and reflect your style. People take them to work out to absorb the excess sweat. But in recent years, workout venues have become a sort of modeling area. There, people like to strut around in their nicely combined workout outfits and show off pretty accessories such as water bottles and towels. If this resonates with you, you’ll be happy to know that the selection of gym towels in the stores is both abundant and diverse.  

Tea towels are the princesses in the towel kingdom

There was once a princess of towels, and all she ever had to do was look pretty and add to the decor of the place. Kidding aside, tea towels are there to keep the food warm, especially the pastries that are being served in baskets or about to be served. They come in linen which is a high-quality material. They also come in various color schemes so that one can choose those that best match their kitchen. These small pieces of kitchen accessories have a very interesting history. They were invented in the 18th century in England, and their purpose was to dry delicate tea sets and other china. That's how they got their name.

Linen towels – a highly useful addition to your towel collection

Speaking of linen, not only tea towels have the pleasure of being made of this surprisingly useful material. Any towel can be a linen towel. But why linen, you may ask? Well, there are several benefits to this interesting material. Firstly, it lacks none of the other features a towel material needs to possess, such as absorbency and softness. Well, it isn't as soft as cotton can be, but it is extremely pleasant for the skin in a different way – it massages it gently. Many people find it more convenient than other super-soft materials. What sets linen towels apart is that they are hypoallergenic. In recent years the number of people suffering from various allergies has increased, so this quality is quite significant. Finally, linen is durable, and the towels made from it tend to last quite a bit. Linen comes in two variants:

  • Traditionally woven, which is what kitchen, face, and hand towels are made of
  • Waffle linen, or honeycomb linen, is a fluffier variant more popular with bath towels

In general, linen towels are a great addition to anyone’s towel collection and a good investment, thanks to their great features.

Final thoughts

From the bathroom to the beach, it is evident that towels follow us as our faithful companions offering soft hugs and a touch of style. Among all those different types of towels, it is certain everyone will find what suits them best. So, get out there, find a towel that goes best with you and your personality, and let it pamper you.

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