What Does Your Favorite Beach Towel Say About Your Personality (AKA your Deck Towel Horoscope!)?

Everything you choose in one way or another says something about your personality. Even a beach towel. In the first place, if you have a beach towel, it means you are a beach person and that itself says a lot about you.

Love Beaches? Here’s something we know about you:

You are an extrovert. You love making friends and spending good time with your friends and family. People find you congenial because you know how to strike a conversation and take it ahead. You are a water baby. You love everything about water and water seems like the best-thing-ever to you! You love music and you have very specific taste for the kind of music you like.

Sounds so you? Let’s talk about your choice of beach towel now.

Choice of Color:

Where soft tones in white, blue, pink, or ivory represent innocence and youthfulness, deliciously solid tones reflect your bold and extrovert personality.

Softer shades of striped, printed and plain towels reflect purity. They also display luxury and elegance. If you like lighter shades, you are a person who enjoys the finer things in life. You are simple yet elegant. You have an aura of perfection.

Love solid shades of plain, striped, or printed beach linens? You are bold and extrovert. You are someone people wouldn’t mess with. You are a risk-taker and you enjoy change for good. Simplicity does not excite you, and you believe in making a statement with something different.

Choice of Towel:

In 1990, a French designer introduced this concept of personality reflected in your beach towel. (Source) Let us see what does your choice of towel say about you.

Choose one from here:


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