Buy your Beach Towel and Tote Bag for Your Beach Gear at Deck Towel

Our linen beach towels and cotton tote bags are essential items for your beach gear. Deck Towel, maker of top-quality linen blankets, offers beach towels with these benefits:Beach Gear from Deck Towel

  • Fits two sunbathers, twice the size of a normal towel. A family of three can lounge on the shore without a worry. 
  • 100% linen. Wrap it around your shoulders to keep off the sun or to warm you in the evening after a late-night dip in the ocean. 
  • Folds up to the size of a newspaper. Easily fits in your tote bag along with other beach gear. 
  • Decorative. We have over two dozen designs to choose from.
Our large beach blankets, towels, and tote bags are available through our online store. Look through the product catalogue now to find the beach gear for you.

Deck Towel also sells beach towel gear through our stockists, who are located around the world. Our beach towels have received great reviews from established press such as GQ, Marie Clarie, and The New York Times:

  • "Sewn from durable, colorful fabric that could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz." GQ

Buy your beach supplies from Deck Towel and have it shipped anywhere in the world for only $22.

More Stuff for Your Beach Gear

Get prepared for a day swimming in the ocean with the right beach gear. For a day lounging in the sand or jumping in the sea, you'll need a blanket, a picnic tote bag or basket, sunblock, sunshades and a hat, snacks and drinks, a fold-up chair if you like sitting upright, and a good book. Our outdoor beach blankets are colorful, sewn from the best linens in the world, have custom-designs you won't find anywhere else, and feature all the benefits of 100% linen fabric. 

A Linen Outdoor Blanket: better than Cotton 

Deck Towel offers linen beach towels and blankets with many more benefits than normal cotton blankets and towels. Fold up your linen blanket into the size of a newspaper, stuff it in your tote bag, and unfold it for the picnic. It can even fit inside the picnic basket next to your snacks and light wine. The linen fabric repels sand, absorbs water to act as a towel if you need it, and dries really fast. It also holds in heat if you want to wrap yourself up for a breezy evening outdoors or protect yourself from the sun during the day; the fabric traps cool air and moves a breeze across your skin. You can throw it in your bike basket or ride with it on the subway to your favorite city beach.