Frederik: Royal Blue Beach Towels - Deck Towel

Frederik: Royal Blue Beach Towels

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Color Royal blue

Selvage Han blue

Pattern Solid

Size 70 x 57 inches, 178 x 145 cm

Production Made in the USA from European linen

Weight Light, 24 ounces, 680 grams

Hand Very soft

Care Unwashed, 1-3% shrinkage, bleed-resistant 

In Stock Yes

Creating a beautiful contrast with the blue ocean, this royal blue beach towel is perfect to add a dash of elegance to your day at the shore. Highly absorbent, made of sustainable fabric and carefully embracing comfort and luxury, this splash of blue will keep you dry in style.

Just like every other item available at Deck Towel, this stylish accessory is anti-microbial, light in weight, fast drying and resistant to mold and mildew. You can easily fold it into the size of a newspaper and carry it in your bag.

To make the most out of its functionality, we suggest trying it out as a throw, beach blanket or wrap to protect your skin from direct sunlight. The bright blue is going to make you stand out in the crowd as you lounge on the beach or enjoy leisure time with your family on the seas.

Details; Medium weight Made in USA from European linen  

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