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Thank you to Ashley at Product Snob blog for highlighting Deck Towel's versatility. Indeed, the Boudewijn makes a great linen beach towel, but it's also a great bath towel, bedspread, picnic blanket, throw, tablecloth, and shower curtain.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the beach I need a lot of space for my stuff. My tote bag, my cooler, you know, room for all the stuff a gal takes to the beach. I was thrilled to find this over-sized towel by Deck Towel.

Deck Towel makes linen towels. Their towels are light, compact, and sturdy. They don’t hold in sand or odors like cotton, and are both faster-drying and more absorbent.

Deck Towels are extremely absorbent, even the thinnest linen can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, and dries much more quickly than a terry cloth towel.

Deck Towels can be easily cared for as well: simply machine wash and hang to dry; they get softer with wear. Deck Towels arrive unwashed. Contrary to popular belief, linen does not require special treatment. Simply hand wash, or machine wash with non-chlorine detergent and like colors. Line dry, or tumble dry on lowest heat. Adding a tablespoon or two of hair conditioner to the wash helps keep linen fibers soft and strong. Towels can be ironed, just take care to keep the iron set to low.

When you are not on the beach get creative with your Deck Towel. Use as a bath towel, bedspread, picnic blanket, throw, tablecloth, even a shower curtain.


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