Linen Resources

We created introductory articles to help our customers understand linen fabrics, design, and how the two come together in towels. Since these three topics make up the ingredients of our daily life, we thought not many are in a better position to explain them.

If you have any topics about linen fabrics, good design, and towels you'd like us to write about, let us know! 
"What is Linen? An Introduction

Linen has an ancient history from Egypt to Isreal to China to Ireland. Read a brief account of where linen comes from, how its produced, and what makes linen such an enduring fabric.

Linen History: From Flax Fossils to Modern Production

A deep dive into the details of linen history. Incombustible linen, ancient Romans, and oversized table clothes from the Middle Ages.  A narrative of linen that takes you from the paleothic to present day, fun facts peppered throughout.

How is Linen Made? From Flax to Fabric

 Linen is derived from the flax plant in a process that involves too many scientific terms for this excerpt. We'll mention a couple to scare you. Try retting and scutching on for size. What do these Scrabble words have to do with soft and breezy linen? Everything.  

"What's So Great About Linen, Anyway?"

Linen has made its way into nearly every household article, from sheets to table cloths to towels. How can one fabric fit so many different uses? What's so great about linen, anyway? This short article starts to answer that question.

Crazy Ways To Use Your Linen Towels

For fun, Deck Towel thought up a few ways to use linen towels that you may not have thought of, and may never want to do. But as Dougles Adams showed in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, in which he said a towel is the only supply a hitchhiker really needs, towels are for more than just drying off.