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Review by David Bock for Rating: First off, the grind you get from a burr grinder is srpouier to a blade, hands down. This grinder makes a superbly uniform grind, and the fineness/coarseness is easily adjustable. For the price, this is an excellent burr grinder. Highly recommend it for your average coffee drinker. If you are grinding things finely, grinding spices or flavored coffees, or grinding lots of coffee, read on for important details.I was a little disappointed with the plastic grind hopper. Burr grinders I have used in the past were glass, and while I didn’t think plastic would be a big deal, extremely fine grinds tend to stick’ due to static electricity.When doing longer grinds (for larger pots of coffee, etc) the motor really starts to sound strained. I’m worried that with heavy use over a few months I might have issues with it. If I do, I’ll update this review.most of the grinder is very easy to clean however, inside the base there are a couple of pieces out of reach, and really fine grinds tend to collect just inside the chute that dumps the grinds into the hopper. If you grind flavored coffees (or, in my case, fresh seed spices) and need to clean it, you might be a little frustrated.

Ignacio Mai 01, 2012

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