Poppies: Sent by a Secret Admirer to Deck Towel


A secret admirer sent these poppies to our studio today. Whoever they are, they know the brand pretty well - the perfect match for the Boudewijn or Daan towels.


No that is a problem with pelope’s thinking. That is a very temp. fix and it does more damage to your console then it does fix it. Because what you are doing is heating up the console which heats up everything else inside and does damage to everything else. The RROD is when the GPU overheats and comes loose from the motherboard and the system freezes. When you overheat it then it temperary reconnects the GPU to the motherboard but does damage to everything else. Becuase there is plastic right next to the GPU. The plastic will melt.

Gagz Mai 10, 2012

Everyone in my house uses a towel once, and then we’re done our washer broke and we had to wait a week bfeore new ones delivered. I threatened to hide and hoard towels so I’d have a clean one for every shower when it was suggested I let one dry and use twice. There are some things I cannot do, and using a towel twice is one of them! (Yes, this means we own a LOT of towels in this house!)

Nahid April 20, 2012

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