Back to basics with classic designs - Here are the three great choices!

Enhance your surroundings with warm tones and beautiful hues to create a luxurious look to your bathroom, and it will reveal your fashion sense at the pool or beach as well! When considering towels, quality is manifested in how absorbent and fast-drying the fabric performs. Light in weight and anti-microbial, linen is considered the wisest choice. While there are a multitude of prints and patterns to choose from, a few classic combinations remain popular. Florals and stripes are examples of these trends. Designs can be altered to create a different aesthetic. For example, navy blue & white striped bath towels can be made unique by the following types of variations.

1) Wide blue stripes placed equidistant from each other on a white background.
2) Bold and delicate stripes running parallel to each other alternatively.
3) Pin Stripes of blue on white.

The Alfons, Bleeker and Dries are options that Deck Towel offers, if you are looking to add to your collection of towels in classic combinations. Ideal for gifting and personal use, these Deck Towels are high on functionality. Made from 100% linen, they will soften with use, and stand the test of time. Along with durability, linen naturally resists mildew and odor, is compact, and is multi-functional when used as a blanket, throw or sarong.

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