Choosing the right towels for a vacation rental.

Choosing the right towels for your vacation rental is important for several reasons. First of all, not supplying towels is a big faux pas because, in most cases, people expect to have extra towels they can use. Besides, the visitors of your short-term rental will immensely appreciate it if they have quality towels at their disposal. So, even if the decoration of your vacation rental is not too luxurious, choosing linen over cotton towels will prove to your guests that you care about their comfort. And that's crucial for ensuring visitor satisfaction.


How thick should the towels be?


If you want to indulge your guests in a subtle way, then go for thicker bath towels. If you aim to make a lasting impression, then you might consider getting hotel-grade thickness. Not only will these towels leave a good impression, but they can also double as beach towels if need be.


For kitchen towels, you may want to go with thinner ones because they dry more quickly. However, thinner towels in the bathroom may give the impression you are cutting costs. Hence, it is better to go with thicker or linen towels if you want the same absorbency but quicker drying time. These are some general guidelines. However, we will discuss everything you need to know about vacation rental towels in detail.


How many towels do you need?


Short answer - as many as possible. Take into account that most of your guests are likely to stay only for a short amount of time. However, as you will soon see, you will have to get new cotton towels much more frequently than you might have anticipated.


Hence, you want to choose a towel set that has a reasonable price but is still soft, absorbent, and durable. Following this, do not splurge too much on towels - $40-50 for a single towel set will do. Guests usually treat towels in hotels and rentals roughly. This includes cleaning the bathroom floor with it or wiping sunscreen or makeup with it. Some guests might even lose your towel or take it with them by accident. For this reason, you always have to have a steady supply of clean towels.


One helpful tip - to reduce the number of stains and minimize washing, place paper towels in the kitchen or bedroom. If the guests make a mess, they won't be inclined to grab your cotton or linen towel.

Choose durable and well-constructed towels for your vacation rental

As we have mentioned, you want to buy towels durable enough to withstand (very) frequent washing and use. In most cases, vacation rental towels need to be changed at least once a year. 


So, no matter how fine the colors or the material may seem initially, you should not base your decision on aesthetic considerations. Also, take a good look at the thread-work to see whether the towel looks flimsy or quick to disintegrate.


What is the right color for my vacation rental towels?

It is no coincidence that hotel towels are, in most cases, white and plain. The wear and tear they go through do not show as much as when you have patterned or colored towels. They are also advantageous for vacation rentals since you can bleach the stains easily. If your guests change frequently, then it makes sense to stick with white. 


White also conveys cleanliness and is stylistically most neutral, and thus, more flexible to match with your interior design. So, white towels never look out of place in a bathroom, especially a bathroom in a traditional, clean-cut rental. In addition, finding replacements is much easier when the towels in your set are white or whitish. This means you will be able to keep the integrity of your towel sets and maintain that clean, professional vibe that will appeal to prospective visitors. 


What about other colors?


Of course, it is no mistake to have towels in other colors, especially if you aim for a more relaxed, homey atmosphere in your vacation rental. In this case, choose towels in various colors to liven up the bathroom to match the rest of the rental.


Be sure to match the towel colors and patterns with the furniture. And if you are currently in the business of decorating your rental, know that you will need help with moving in the furniture and decor. Safety is paramount, and accidents happen, especially if you have no experience moving heavy items. An experienced crew will help you relocate without unpleasant events and in the shortest amount of time possible. And while they are transferring your new decor, you can spend the time choosing the right towels for your vacation rental.

Vacation rental towels need good maintenance

One way to ensure that your towels last for as long as possible is to ensure they are maintained right. So, towels can get 'slimy' and even become a bacteria-laden health hazard if they remain wet for some time.


That is why you should install a good towel rack where your guests can spread the towels to dry adequately. If you have the means, you can even invest in a heated towel rack/radiator to ensure towels in the rental are always warm and dry.


You should also invest in good washing products. Even a little stain on one of your towels may disgust the people staying in your vacation rental. It is a shame to let such a minor, easily fixable mistake cost you your reputation. Guests may even leave your rental a bad review because of this. So, wash, dry, and store your towels adequately.


So, it makes sense to inspect the condition of all your towels for stains, wear and tear at least once in two months to assess if they are maintained well. If there is even a slight stain or hole, it is best to throw it away.


All in all, we hope you enjoyed this short guide on choosing the right towels for your vacation rental and that now you have a good idea of what you need to get.


Not sure how to approach choosing the right towels for your vacation rental? No worries, this short guide will help you decide!


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