Deck Towel on the run!!

Deck Towel had an interesting adventure last week. We were in Amelia Island FL attending a conference when Hurricane Mathew decided to take a turn to the west and set us on the run! Our travels were to take us to Amelia Island, then to Savanah GA on to Beaufort, SC and ultimately to Charleston, SC. If that path sounds familiar it might be because that is exactly the path Mathew decided to embark upon as well! With a mandatory evacuation ordered for Thursday at 6:00 AM we decide to try grab our Deck Towels and outrun the storm, by leapfrogging to St. Michaels MD. My intent of this blog is to thank the many staff members who under pretty trying circumstances helped us negotiate the many hurdles thrown in our way.

Kudo's to the staff at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island. Updates were distributed about every six hours. Restaurants stayed open to make the stay comfortable. The concierge made sure that all transportation was taken care of to get us to the airport on time. It was a seamless evacuation with little or no stress.

A special shout out to our travel concierge's at Inspirato. They were able to cancel all reservations in Savanah and Charleston without charge. They booked us into a lovely property on the Eastern shore of MD, The Inn at Perry Cabin.

Special thanks to the staff at The Inn at Perry Cabin. They took in a couple of rather bedraggled travelers and made our stay special. The restaurant was top notch and your spa services, after our "bug out", were rejuvenating and sent us home in a wonderful state, both of mind and physicality. I highly recommend this exquisite location. If old school elegance and charm are what you crave this is your place!

I have attached a picture off the balcony in Amelia Island which I thought was quite the visual! 

All the Best!

Hank and Gail    

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