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How to Prepare for a Long-term Summer Vacation

Don’t you just wish we could just skip to summer whenever we want to? If you are someone who has both the time and money to afford a long-term summer vacation, you probably really miss it during the remaining months of the year. The rest of us consider you quite lucky.

However, the habit of doing this every year also makes you aware that it is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, spending endless days on the beach as your read pile of mystery novels expands sounds like a dream. But in order to be able to really let go and relax during a long summer vacation, there are a lot of tasks to go through beforehand. For many people, being able to have a long relaxing summer means a rather hectic month of May. So, if you want to learn how to prepare for a long-term summer vacation properly, read on.

Pre-vacation household chores

No amount of planning will give you peace of mind unless you ensure your home is left in mint condition. From making sure nothing spoils or stops working to making sure your home and belongings are safe from home intruders, leave no stone unturned when you prepare for a long-term summer vacation.


Most of your pre-vacation household chores will be limited to the kitchen on the day before you leave. First, empty your dishwasher and try leaving it open a crack. This way, any remaining moisture will evaporate quickly and not cause any problems later on. Clean out the fridge to ensure you don’t return to horrible smells from rotten food. This is also a great time to thoroughly clean your fridge as it will be empty and remain unused for a prolonged period of time. If there is a garbage disposal, combine water and vinegar and pour to remove any odors. You should also obviously clear out all garbage cans so you don’t return home to a nasty surprise.

Unplugging things like TVs and computers if they are not going to be used for a long time is another thing on this list. This will keep your things safe from any potential power surges while also lowering your energy consumption. Some things are tricky to turn off completely such as air conditioning and water heaters. If you can’t fully turn off your AC, use the vacation setting to keep it idle. As for your water heater, lower the temperature so that it doesn’t use up a lot of energy for nothing.

Finally, find a way to take care of your pets and plants. Most people take their pets with them if they know they are going to be away for a long time. Alternatively, they hire a pet sitter. When it comes to plants, try a plant feeder or asking a friend to come in from time to time.

Home safety

Knowing how to prepare for a long-term summer vacation involves more than locking up and scheduling lights on a timer – though those are both important staples of home safety precautions. You can even think about installing a motion-activated floodlight outside. Also, consider leaving the keys and your contact information with a trustworthy neighbor as another safety measure. Knowing someone is there in case of an emergency will be a huge weight off your shoulders. They can pick up your mail and check on your plants as well.

In addition, you should make sure alarms and smoke detectors are all working properly. Water can also easily become an issue. To prevent any undiscovered leaks from wreaking havoc, turn it off. It would be advisable to leave the faucets open because the pressure can blow out the gaskets when you start turning the water back on.

Finally, no matter what precautions you take, there is still a chance of home intruders. If there are any invaluable belongings in your home, whether it’s jewelry or artwork or something completely different, consider getting it out of your home during your long-term summer vacation. Renting out a storage unit will keep your belongings safe. There are companies that specialize in taking care of and storing valuable items, so this would be your best bet. No matter what happens, your peace of mind will stay intact along with your most precious belongings.

What should you take with you?

Deciding what to pack as you prepare for a long-term summer vacation is a special hellscape. This is particularly true if you are traveling with children. However, coming up with a couple of rules for packing and adhering to them should introduce some order into the chaos.

Firstly, determine what your absolute musts are, like all of your water essentials. Secondly, you should limit the amount of clothes you take to the amount you would take to a holiday of a much shorter length. Generally speaking, you’ll all spend most of the time in your bathing suits anyway.

Thirdly, try to envision the most likely issues you might run into while on holiday and prepare. For example, chances are that it won’t all be literal sunshine and rainbows during your entire long-term summer vacation. Bring a change of clothes for colder weather as well. Furthermore, if you plan on doing something like a hiking day trip while you’re there, you want to ensure you have the right footwear to do it in. If you’re picnicking, you want to have bug spray on hand, etc.

Finally, entertainment might be scarce during certain parts of your vacation such as unexpected flight delays. Most streaming services now offer download options, so stock up on offline content, whether you’re traveling on your own or with kids. This little tip will help you avoid any unexpected roaming charges or annoyance due to poor reception.

Final words

You’ll know how to prepare for a long-term summer vacation as soon as you realize it takes a bit of planning and thinking ahead. The main idea is to eliminate as many potential threats to your days of rest and relaxation as possible.

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