How to Choose a Picnic Blanket

Do you love setting out on a Picnic? There is something about dining in the open air that is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Planning a picnic requires preparation and thought. While you think of the other aspects, let us help you with choosing your perfect picnic blanket.

Your picnic blanket can make or break your experience. A good picnic blanket/towel will make your time comfortable and relaxing. Let’s go ahead and see what you should consider before buying a picnic blanket.

Your picnic blanket should be large enough to accommodate your menu, you, and your family. Too small and it will ruin your experience. No one wants to keep their plate on the ground, competing with ants, or get a wet rear sitting on the ground!

A picnic blanket that looks good, feels good. You are on a picnic and chances are you are planning to click a few “selfies” to preserve the memory. A colorful and good-looking blanket will instantly add ambiance to your pictures. Adding a splash of color, or an interesting pattern to your picnic will only heighten your experience. Afterwards, bring your towel inside and use it to add a splash of color to your interior design.

Picnic Blanket

Water Absorption
Note to file!! Your picnic blanket should be one that absorbs water quickly and yet dries as fast. A wet picnic towel will leave you disappointed. A beautifully woven linen blanket offers you this luxury. Check out our collection at Deck Towel. Our luxury towels/blankets are offered in a range of colors and patterns wider than you will find anywhere else.

Colorful picnic blanket

Your picnic blanket should be convenient to carry. With the all the accoutrements you will have to carry, you will want a blanket that is compact and portable. Deck Towels are easily foldable and lightweight, folding to the size of a newspaper.

Convenient picnic blanket

Another important factor to consider is the softness. Coarse fabric will irritate your skin. While your blanket should be sturdy, it should not compromise on its softness.

Soft picnic blanket

Your picnic towel should be soft, but that does not imply that they do not have to be durable. Your picnic blanket will go through some harsh torture because of the ground you will place it on and the usage it is supposed to undergo. It should be able to stand that abuse. Linen is a very durable fabric.

Durable picnic blanket

Everything you own should do justice to your personality. A towel that suits your personality will be even more fun to carry. Choose your picnic towel to reflect your unique style. Your choice of towel says a lot about your personality.

stylish picnic blanket

Wondering where to buy a picnic blanket that fits all these criteria? Deck Towel, of course! Check out our entire collection of multipurpose towels that epitomize both luxury and style.

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