Buy a Bathroom Towel or Blanket for Your Day in the Sun

Bathroom towels are essential supplies for any home, dorm, hotel, and office building. Washing with it daily, it needs to dry fast without leaving mildew in the bath and be pretty enough for guests. Deck Towel, maker of fine linen towels, offers decorative bathroom towels with these benefits:
Deck Towel's Bathroom Towels
  • 100% linen. Soft and luxurious to touch. Very durable. 
  • Dries faster than cotton.
  • Resists stains better than cotton. 
  • Folds up to the size of a newspaper to tuck into a closet.
  • Unfolds to wrap the body and wear comfortably.  
  • Decorative and luxurious. We have over two dozen designs to choose from.
Our large bath towels  are available through our online store. Look through the product catalogue now to find the picnic beach mat for you.

Deck Towel also sells our bath towels through our stockists, who are located around the world. Our outdoor beach mats have received great reviews from established press such as GQ, Marie Clarie, and The New York Times:

  • "Sewn from durable, colorful fabric that could've been swiped from a French girl in Biarritz." GQ

Buy your outdoor beach mat from Deck Towel and have it shipped anywhere in the world for only $22.

More Stuff for Decorative Bathrooms

Bathroom towels are just the beginning. When decorating your bathroom, you'll need bathroom mats, a shower curtain, bathtub containers, a towel drying rack, shelves, and sink toiletries containers. This bathroom gear covers your necessities for most bathroom set ups. Tip: place a candle in your bathroom closet to help it smell fresh and clean. Our bathroom towels are colorful, sewn from the best linens in the world, have custom-designs you won't find anywhere else, and feature all the benefits of 100% linen fabric. 

A Linen Outdoor Mat: better than Cotton 

Deck Towel offers linen bathroom towels with many more benefits than normal cotton towels, sheets, or blankets. Fold up your linen bath towel into the size of a newspaper, lay it in your towel basket, and unfold it when needed. Tuck it all away in your closet for more room in the bath area. The linen fabric repels grit, absorbs water to dry you off thoroughly, and itself dries fast to prevent mildewing. It also holds in heat if you want to wrap yourself up for a walk to your clothing closet.