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Aloys, Francis, and Gilles Towels featured on the blog of Tenue de Nîmes shop in Amsterdam.

"We are proud to stock the lovely products by Decktowel. This New York based company sources the finest linens from all over the world to create this summer's ultimate accessory: a beach towel. Now, we can hear you ask us: What makes these Decktowels so different from any other towel I have in my closet?

..A Deck Towel is lighter.
..A Deck Towel is 20 times more absorbent.
..A Deck Towel dries more quickly.
..A Deck Towel won't hold in sand.
..A Deck Towel grows softer with wear.

Check out the Aloys, Francis and Giles at our store in Amsterdam and online in our web-shop soon. Stay tuned."

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snimb 18 mars 2012

I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exrtmeely easy for me!

Roseanna 15 décembre 2011

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