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A very nice featured on the Loïc Towel on Ape To Gentleman blog! 

"Most great brands start from simple ideas and none more simple than the concept of a deck towel – at least that’s how it seemed at first. On closer inspection the Deck Towel is much more in depth and calculated than their laid back branding would suggest. Founded in 2010, their first collection was inspired by a 1930s photograph of five Belgian soldiers bathing in the Meuse River (shown above), and imagining the sort of materials and patterns the soldiers might have used to dry off.

The Deck Towels come in various weights and hues using linen from Ireland and the Czech Republic but designed and fabricated in New York.

So how is a Deck Towel different than a terry cloth beach towel?

A Deck Towel is lighter.
A Deck Towel is 20 times more absorbent.
A Deck Towel dries more quickly.
A Deck Towel won’t hold in sand.
A Deck Towel grows softer with wear.

The price of the Deck Towels range from $105-$200 and they are available online. By the way, they also make great bags."

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