Are You Ruining Your Bath Towels?

Bath towels stand as the most neglected bath accesory in your home. They are easy to toss and once tossed, most people tend to forget they exist until the next use. However, it is important that you take care of your bath towel because they are wet and hold the power to build bacteria and unhealthy microbes.

Here are 5 ways you are abusing your towels unknowingly.

Hanging wet towels together

This is a sin. Trust us, it is. The moisture and debris will trigger the growth of mold, and you don’t want your face to be covered with bacteria and mold when you wipe it with your towel, do you? Hanging more than one towel in a hook is a bad practice and only compounds the problem. Try putting your towel out in the sun to dry. If this is not practical at the very least hang them separately.

Not washing them enough

How often do you wash them? Be honest. Not enough is the answer. The primary reason behind not washing your towel enough is probably the fact that it takes time to dry. But that’s no excuse. You must wash your towel after every third use because your towel is the most convenient place for germs to grow.  To avoid running out of towels, buy linen bath towels. They are easy to handle and dry fast. They are also naturally anti-microbial. Explore our collection of linen beach towels and bath towels that dry in a snap. Check out this Kees Classic Yellow Striped Bath Towel:

Made of fine linen, this bath towel is a beautiful bath accessory, that weighs only 8 ounces. Lightweight and portable, this towel dries in a snap and repels mold and mildew. Deck Towels are a worthy upgrade if your bath is full of thick and heavy bath towels.

Washing them with too hot or too cold water

Your towels need to be washed in hot water but not too hot. Washing your towels in cold water will not kill the germs and washing them in too hot water will damage the fabric causing it to wear faster. See the care label and wash your towels accordingly.

Using too much detergent

Your bath towel absorbs the extra detergent. It might seem like a good idea to pour extra detergent to wash your towels, however, it is actually not. Go with the recommendation on the package. Too much detergent will make your towel stiff and rough, ultimately causing harm to the fabric and your skin alike.

Using too much fabric softener 

Another common mistake is putting too much fabric softener under the impression that it will leave your towel soft and smooth. However, fabric softener does more harm than good in case of bath towels. Softener leaves a wax-like layer on the towels reducing their absorbency. Measured amount as per recommendation is suggestion or else, you can completely skip the softener and use a dryer ball or clean tennis ball instead.

Your towels will thank you and you will be grateful if you follow these simple steps. A clean towel is healthy for your skin and if you have kids at home, it becomes even more important to have clean towels free from bacteria and mold. Avoid these common mistakes and you will have a healthy and invigorating experience every time you bathe.

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