Best ways to make your towels last longer...

There is not a person in the world who does not enjoy the luxurious feel a towel right after bathing. All towels - those used for body, face, hair, and hands - start as soft  and velvety. However, after approximately a month of use, they become thin and scratchy. We've all been here, right? One day our towels feel like clouds, and the next day they become sanding paper. Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening. All you have to do is follow our tips and tricks to make towels last longer. 


When it comes to washing your towels, we recommend washing them once a week or after every third use. Most people wash their towels in the washing machine at 90'C. This program usually lasts three hours. If you do that too, break away from that habit immediately! This is what 'kills' your towels. Instead, wash them in cold water and use just a tiny amount of liquid laundry detergent. Stay away from fabric softeners and bleachers - these two are responsible for ruining your bath towels! They make them scratchy, thin, and run-down. Moreover, if you want to prevent your towels from pilling, make sure to wash them separately from other materials too!

Adequate drying methods will make towels last longer

If you dry your towels in a dryer, make sure to give them a shake while they are still wet, as that will make them fluffy and soft. After, put them in the dryer and dry them on low. Never use high temperatures when washing and drying your towels if you want them to last longer. Moreover, if you have an outdoor space like a yard, deck, or even a small balcony, we recommend drying your towels outside. Drying racks will ensure your towels dry fast and keep their fluffiness and softness! In the end, no matter how you decide to dry your towels, make sure there is no moisture before folding and storing them. Otherwise, your towels will start to smell bad, and they may even become moldy.


Of course, you do not want to iron your towels - nobody wants that. But, how to make them wrinkle-free? It is easy! Just follow this method - once the towel is clean and completely dry, lay it on a flat surface and make sure to smooth out any wrinkles using your hands; then, fold the towel in thirds and then in half. When you fold towels like this, they will not have any wrinkles. Moreover, this is a great towel display idea for any bathroom as it is simple, easy and always looks great. So, give it a go next time you start folding your towels.


Some people like to store all their towels in a bathroom, and some keep them in a closet. In both cases, one thing is crucial - do not overload and overcrowd your towel storage space. If you do that, you will not only wrinkle your towels, but you will also make them smell bad and possibly force them to develop mold and mildew (which can be a health hazard). Instead, make room for your towels to 'sit' comfortably wherever they are. Keep a bag of dried lavender next to those towels, too - that will not only make towels last longer, but it will also make them smell great and keep them safe from insects. 

However, if you plan on storing your towels somewhere for a more extended time, when moving, for example, be careful how you pack and store them! In general, moving experts from advise paying attention to different packing techniques for different items. While reliable movers will know how to keep your towels and other belongings safe during transport, it's up to you to prepare them for the trip. Unless, of course, you decide to splurge and hire professional packers. So, if you are DIYing the packing, make sure to put your towels in a plastic bag first and then in a cardboard box. Also, unpack them as soon as possible to avoid bad smells and wrinkles!


You must hand the towels you regularly use, either for hands or those for after you bathe, after every use. Your hand towels should be neatly handled over a towel bar as that will make them dry more quickly. Other towels, those you use for your face, body, hair, etc., should be hanged somewhere outside if, of course, you have that outside space. If you do not, then place them on a drying rack positioned next to your window. Towels that are always hanged like this will never become moldy. Moreover, the fresh air and the sun will destroy bacteria and thus keep you safe too. 

Clean Towels, Clean Skin 

Maybe doing all the things mentioned above seems just too much of an annoyance to you. Some people do not care whether their towels are soft or scratchy, and they do not want to waste their time and energy to make towels last longer. That is understandable. However, if you do not want to take care of your towels for the towels' sake, do it for your sake. Improperly washed and dried towels can affect your skin - they may cause breakouts on your face and scratches and rashes on your body. So, think about that the next time you do not feel like taking care of your towels properly.

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