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So, you plan to reorganize or even remodel your bathroom or the closet where you keep your towels. You might be wondering what the most effective and stylish ways to display your towel collection are. If you have a penchant for neatness and pleasing interior design, read our favorite towel display ideas for your bathroom. 


Some people prefer to have their towels on display in their bathroom. This is not only because of the pleasing aesthetic effect that lining up your Alfons red linen towels can create in your bathroom. It is more practical to just reach out and grab a towel without having to open your bathroom cabinet doors. 

How should I organize my towels?

Of course, if you have quality towels, you also have to consider the best way to store materials such as linen. If you want to take care of your towels so that they do not become worn out after only a couple of months of use, you might have to put in a little more effort and research into determining how you can preserve them.  


One of the things you should be mindful of is the amount of space you have on your shelves and in your bathroom. And you might be thinking that this is not a significant issue. However, try to assess how many towels you have since they should not be piled up too tightly on the shelves. Firstly, you are setting up for a serious towel-falling scenario if you make the pile too tall, tight, or crumpled. Your towels should be able to ‘breathe’ so that they do not become stale or, even worse, moldy. A towel display looks best if you wash, dry, iron, and fold the towels neatly. Additionally, it is best if you do not place your towel display in the vicinity of the toilet. 

What kind of towel storage space should I consider?

Place your hand beneath your towels to lift them and get the one you want. If you cannot do this comfortably, you know that you have to either reduce the number of towels on display or make the shelving more spacious or accommodating. You can integrate built-in shelving or floating shelves into your bathroom to make more space for your favorite towels.


If you want to have a more impressive towel display, consider buying a special dresser or armoire with slide or glass doors. Having a dedicated towel display like this will add a certain air of luxury to your bathroom. If you want to do something less traditional, you can repurpose a vintage item such as a wine rack, a crate, or a basket for a sustainable and chic detail in your bathroom. 


If you are doing a remodel of your bathroom, be sure to ask the architect or the contractor to give you advice on where you can place the towel display in the bathroom. Hiring experts to create an oasis in your home will make the process of bathroom remodeling significantly easier. 

A towel display ladder

There are many fantastic towel display ideas for your bathroom out there. If you have kids, placing a hardwood ladder as your towel display will forever eliminate the problem of having to reach for a towel for your little ones. Choose the ladder according to the color scheme in your bathroom and the number of towels you want on display.

Vanities are perfect for storing your towels safely

If you are leaning more toward a refined, spa-like vibe in your bathroom, an antique vanity might bring in that elegant, polished appearance you are aiming for. You can place a couple of towels neatly next to your (double) sink and keep the rest under it in an air and bacteria-proof cabinet or basket. 


Roll up the towels for additional storage space inside the vanity. Opt for fluffy, hotel-style towels if you want that Pinterest-worthy towel display vibe. If you’re going to experiment with colors and patterns, you may want to stack up a few linen towels that contrast the polished style of the vanity. However, read a few helpful hints about packing linen to place the towels properly. 

Open towel display shelving

Install hardwood shelving without doors if you want to make your bathroom feel more open and spacious. You can even place a small plant or some kind of tropical detail to give your bathroom an exotic, spa-like feel.  

A vintage stool can serve as a towel display

Another out-of-the-box, grab-and-go way to store your rolled-up towels is to use a rustic wooden stool as your towel display. This laid-back, boho detail will make coming out of the shower much more convenient. You can use the stool for towels that serve to soak up the water after a shower.


Also, be sure to add some candles, incense sticks, crystals, or aromatic plants to create that chill, mystic vibe. 


Match the color of the shelving with the color of the towels

If you do not want to experiment too much, you can still make your towel display unique by changing the color of your shelving. So, if you have predominantly white towels, you can opt for a bold, vibrant color that will contrast the paleness of the towels. On the other hand, if your towels have an eclectic color scheme, your shelving can match them with complementary colors. 


We hope our towel display ideas for your bathroom helped you find the inspiration you need to tackle this creative task.


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