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Enzo Towel featured on A Treasury Of's Best of 2010 List.

An editor by nature, and by trade, I’m a real sucker for any “Best Of” list since they efficiently illuminate what was or still is relevant and radiant, while whittling away the extraneous.

Unless we count my nearly two years of Treasuring as one giant list itself, I’ve never posted a proper list. I thought I’d look back through the digi-pics of 2010 to tally up the top 10 treasures I’d measure as “The Best of The Year”. 

10. Favorite Fantasy
Lying on the beaches of Mexico on an extra large, linen deck-towel- shaped island. I got the towel in August, the plane ticket in November, and soon enough my fantasy will turn reality!

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Great food for thought, Julie! Every sinlge person on this earth has crosses to bear; it’s life. Oprah was told she would never make it on television. Susan Boyle sang in the shower and into her hairbrush mike. She was lauged at on stage initially. Both these women (and others who’ve found success, however they measured it) did not give up. And going online to whine or vent is never a good idea. If one is struggling with feelings of emotion, reach out for help outside the online community. Particularly those in a job search. This is NOT the brand you want employers to see. Great post!Barb Poole recently posted..

Barbara 5月 01, 2012

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