Our Story

It’s funny how life’s adventures can lead you to some unexpected places.

In 2013, we bought a beach house in Mantoloking, NJ. Being a modern day “Brady Bunch”, we wanted a place where our 5 adult(ish) kids would want to come visit, which they did.

And they brought friends.

We were thrilled! We loved having them around and they loved the beach, boating, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. 

All of that fun meant we had a lot of wet beach towels!

But that wasn't everything. The usual cotton beach towels were too bulky to pack on a boat. They quickly started to smell like mildew, got stained all the time, and looked ratty at the end of the summer.

Plus, we were concerned about the amount of laundry we were doing (not good for the environment!)

We needed to find an alternative!

And we did – a small company called Deck Towel was making large linen beach and bath towels, and they were perfect! In fact, we liked the towels so much, we bought the company in 2015.

Of course we loved the product so we haven't changed much since then, but we also wanted to explore new possibilities for our products.


Deck Towel offers high quality embroidery services. Have you towel customized with your monogram, boat name or logo.

Contact us for more information about customization possibilities

We hope you love our products as much as we do – we use them in our own homes, and are proud to give them as gifts to friends and guests.

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