Norbert Towel Featured on Beach Tomato Blog


Norbert Towel featured on Beach Tomato's feature on the best beach towels. 

"Dry and Mighty: Feel proud to unveil your towel when you hit the sand with our pick of the most luxurious (and loudest) beach towels around. Hit the arrows to see more.

Get inspiration on where to take it with Beach Tomato's travel features."


- Super sweet photos! I’m so glad that the pnerats had him bring his little special snuggler. It will be too soon before he doesn’t care about it as much, so these photos will be a treasure in the very near future and forever. Amazing captures!

Marianna 6月 17, 2012

Yes they are a synthetic Chamior, and they come in a small ptislac containor, and only buy the ones that are made in holland the netherlands, they are the best last for years, never streak, stay weet in container so can use anytime the last one i bought years ago was at a home depot.Dont buy those cheap microfiber, no good.

Gal 6月 10, 2012

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