Deck Towel featured on The Valente

You can find us featured on The Valente as the "ultimate summer accessory". 


The Valente: What are some of your favorite uses your Deck Towel other than lounging at the beach?

Buck from Deck Towel: I like to use mine in my apartment – as a blanket or bath towel. And my dog, Edwin, thinks his Deck Towel makes a pretty great bed. 

V: You use an array of linen from different countries, how do you decide on a linen?

Buck: It’s an intuitive process. Of course, I consider quality, weight, hand, etc., but at the end of the day, I follow my gut feeling.

V: Any exciting plans in Deck Towel’s future?

Buck: We’re working on a candle with a perfumer maker that smells like sunscreen and lemon peels. 

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