Deck Towel is not only for the beach. We are at home in the fall as well!

Deck Towel is not only for the beach. We are at home in the fall as well!



Just after the death of the flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season,
When nature is all aglow—
Aglow with a mystical spendour
That rivals the brightness of spring,
Aglow with a beauty more tender
Than aught which fair summer could bring....
~Emeline B. Smith, "Indian Summer"

Deck Towel on the run!!

Deck Towel on the run!!

Deck Towel had an interesting adventure last week. We were in Amelia Island FL attending a conference when Hurricane Mathew decided to take a turn to the west and set us on the run! Our travels were to take us to Amelia Island, then to Savanah GA on to Beaufort, SC and ultimately to Charleston, SC. If that path sounds familiar it might be because that is exactly the path Mathew decided to embark upon as well! With a mandatory evacuation ordered for Thursday at 6:00 AM we decide to try grab our Deck Towels and outrun the storm, by leapfrogging to St....

We love Linen in all forms!

It’s not always about towels! We are lovers of linen in all forms. Here is an informative article regarding sheets that I thought you might find interesting as we head into Fall.

*How to Mix and Match Your Bed Sheets for the Season

Percale, sateen, linen, or flannel? Mix them for optimal temperature and wear, say the experts.

If you’re like most people, you probably purchase sheets in a set. But there’s no rule that says your sheets have to match. In fact, you might sleep better if you incorporate a variety of sheeting fabrics...

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

I like mine with lettuce and tomato! Deck Towel had a wonderful time with all the Parrot Heads on Saturday. Perfect evening on the waterfront in Camden NJ. Deck Towel is perfect for lawn seating. Very lightweight to carry in and out. Shakes out in a second. Take a look at our stellar tailgate venue created by my buddy Pete!

That's Linen, That's Life!

Groovin on a Sunny afternoon!

Happy Thursday everyone, yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to a cruise around lower Manhattan. We toured on a Hinckley yacht and were treated to great wine and appetizers as well as craft beers. It was a beautiful evening and the scenery was stunning. The trip was capped off by a blind drawing for Deck Towels, just to make the evening complete!

 The cruise was sponsored by the travel club, Inspirato, in conjunction with one of...

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